Systematic Theology (1,2,3)

Theology is the study of all that God says in His word about the most important areas of truth such as Jesus, the Holy Spirit, sin, salvation, heaven, hell, the church, prophecy, etc.  Theology takes each topic and outlines the teachings of the Bible on that specific doctrine.


 Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts (1,2,3)

This course presents the students with a clear and concise study of the Motivational Gifts as well as each of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the practical operation of those gifts.



Covenants/Feasts of Israel (1,2,3)

This class is designed to give the student a foundational knowledge of covenant, old and new.  God’s special agreement with His own people and His desire to have them remain faithful to their covenant, is reviewed extensively.  Understanding the Feasts of Israel will enable the students to have a fuller understanding of the Mosaic covenant.  The student will be delighted with their covenant-keeping God.


Books of Poetry (1,2,3)

The unique properties of Hebrew poetry are surveyed with a view of the messianic Christ and the work of the cross.  The beauty of the worship of God and the theology of suffering will also be examined.  The practical application of truths discovered in these books will enhance the student’s spiritual work.



Present Day Truths (1,2,3)

In this class we will study that God that is speaking about certain areas of truth to the Church today.  We will study a “rhema”, a present Word, that is being emphasized to the Body of Christ.  You will hear the truths of restoration and the principals that God uses to restore His people.



Analysis of the Kings (1,2,3)

This class brings out rich, spiritual insights into the lives of the Old Testament kings.  These colorful portraits enable the student to see the blessings of God conferred upon the good, obedient kings and the difficulty incurred by the disobedient ones.


 Biblicial Expression

Biblical Expression (1,2,3)

Studying to be approved of God is essential for every student.  This class will develop the eager teacher to become a ready, anointed, capable vessel for the Lord’s use. Dynamics and creativity, generated by the Holy Spirit, will bring a spirit of excellence and excitement to any classroom.



Spiritual Warfare (1,2,3)

A study to show each student our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, powers and the forces of darkness.   This course will teach the basics of effectively engaging the enemy and prevailing against him.



Chapel at CBU will be exciting and inspirational. Each student will be able to participate and grow in administering their gifting.  Preaching, teaching, leading worship and fervent prayer will be experienced.  This class is mandatory, but the student will be richly rewarded.


Special Seminars

One or more times each quarter a special seminar will be offered on various topics.  They will normally be scheduled on a Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (2 units each) Staff teachers and special guest speakers will participate in these seminars.