About California Bible University (CBU)


CBU is designed to give each student an intense biblical foundation directed by the Holy Spirit.  Our objective is to sow the Gospel into the hearts of the students with faith, hope and love, equipping them to reach the harvest effectively.  The students are taught to develop good study habits, to learn how to use reference books, and dig into the Word of God.  Here they will find the wisdom, revelation and understanding needed to develop a successful Christian life and to achieve ministry goals as God directs.

Core Values

Values deeply held provide both orientation and motivation. The following is a sampling of some of the values that define and guide our mission:
 1.    Authority of the Scripture We believe that the Word of God is to be thefinal
  authority for all our beliefs and practices.  
 2.   Holy Spirit Dynamics  We seek the effective working of the Holy Spirit in our
        lives, ministries, and corporate gatherings.
 3.   Local Church This is God’s instrument and therefore our context for ministry

           training, confident in its ultimate success.

 4.   Integrity Godly character is the only proven platform for ministry influence.
 5.   Vision – God-given vision is the inspiration for ministry development.
 6.   Self-discipline Developing ones personal resources with spiritual discipline and

           increased ministry effectiveness.

 7.   Presence – The ongoing experience of God’s presence both corporately and

           individually provides the atmosphere for Spirit-led ministry.

8 .  Community – Since ministry was meant to be relational, we seek to create a

           genuine sense of community.

 9.  Heritage and Destiny – We honor and impart the rich spiritual heritage God has

          provided and seek to boldly move forward into the destiny we have not yet obtained.

10. Authenticity – We value sincerity, seeking a genuine expression of the life of


11.  Servanthood – We strive to follow the life of Christ as the example of servant-
12.  Yieldedness – A heart and life that is fully surrendered to God becomes His most

            treasured instrument.